Meet The Team

Kamusta ka na? That was the equivalent of saying, “What’s up?” in Filipino – or, to be even more exact, Tagalog! Just don’t use that phrase with the older folks, they’ll think you’re disrespectful – especially if you’re not a relative. Haha.

( Jim Rundel on left and Desi Aragon on right )

Now, introducing the heart of Awesoos— Desi Aragon with 18+ years of professional experience in illustration, print design, web design, and photography. He is also a professional dad of 9+ years.

Jim Rundel, has recently joined our team as an official “photo wrangling” member, aka Senior Manager, and he brings in almost a decade’s worth of professional videography experience. He’s also quite the charismatic photo wrangler when it comes to art directing our guests! He oversees the quality of our “experience assurance” to make sure the ideas we have created are executed in the most efficient and most engaging ways possible for our event guests.

As you can see, we totally make up quite the combo platter package for a start-up business!

We are the team players of Awesoos Entertainment LLC and we are determined to conquer all forms of curmudgeonliness that enter into our Awesoos arena.

You know, if you really want to know more about us then let’s just hang out? We’re too busy to write up on all this jargon and stuff! Talk to you soon!

You call the shots. We bring the studio. We are AWESOOS.®